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Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this agreement is to define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of KOREAHOTEL and a user when using an internet related service (hereinafter “the service”) provided by KOREAHOTEL.COM (hereinafter “KOREAHOTEL”) which KOREAHOTEL Co., Lt (e-commerce provider) operates and family sites.

Article 2 (Definitions)

① "KOREAHOTEL" means a virtual business place which is established to trade goods or services using information and communication facilities such as a computer so that KOREAHOTEL Co., Ltd can provide goods or services to a user.
② "A user" means a member who receives a service, by connecting to “KOREAHOTEL,” which “KOREAHOTEL” provides in accordance with this agreement.
③ “A member” means a person, registered as a member by providing personal information to “KOREAHOTEL,” who can consistently receive information of “KOREAHOTEL” and continuously receive a service provided by "KOREAHOTEL."

Article 3 (Clear Statement and Amendment of an Agreement)

① "KOREAHOTEL" posts contents of this agreement, the company name, location of a business office, name of the CEO, business registration number, contacts (telephone number, fax number and E-mail address, etc) on the main page (front page) of KOREAHOTEL so that a user can know those.
② "KOREAHOTEL" can amend this agreement within the range that does not violate related laws such as a law regarding regulations of this agreement, Frame Act on Electronic Commerce, Digital Signature Act, a law regarding promotion of use of the information and communications network, a law regarding door-to-door sales and Consumer Protection Law.
③ When amending the agreement, "KOREAHOTEL" notifies it on the main screen of KOREAHOTEL from 7 days prior to its effective date to a pay before its effective date, along with the current agreement, by stating its effective date and reason for amendment.
④ When "KOREAHOTEL" amends the agreement, the amended agreement is applied only to a contract concluded after its effective date and provisions of the agreement before amended are applied intactly to a contract already concluded before amendment. However, if a user who concluded a contract already receives agreement from “KOREAHOTEL” by sending his/her intention to be applied by provisions of the amended agreement to “KOREAHOTEL” within the period of disclosure of the amended agreement in accordance with Section 3, the provisions of the amended agreement are applied.
⑤ Regarding matters not defined in this agreement and interpretation of this agreement, electronic commerce consumer protection policies and related laws enacted by the government or commercial practices shall be followed.

Article 4 (Provision and Change of Service)

① "KOREAHOTEL" performs the following business.
1. Provision of information on goods or services and conclusion of a purchase contract
2. Delivery of goods or services that a purchase contract is concluded
3. Other business decided by “KOREAHOTEL"
② "KOREAHOTEL" can change contents of goods and services that will be provided by a contract which will be concluded later, for out-of-stock of goods or a change in technical specifications. In this case, “KOREAHOTEL” discloses a clear statement of contents of changed goods and services and date of provision on the page that the contents of the current goods and services are posted, 7 days prior to the date of provision.
③ When "KOREAHOTEL" changes contents of the service that a provision contract is concluded with a user due to a reason such as out-of-stock of goods or a change in technical specifications, “KOREAHOTEL” indemnifies against losses imposed on a user due to this. However, when there is no negligence or fault of “KOREAHOTEL,” “KOREAHOTEL” does not indemnify.

Article 5 (Interruption of Service)

① "KOREAHOTEL" can interrupt provision of the service temporarily when a reason such as repair/inspection and exchange of information and communications facilities such a computer and loss of communications occurs.
② In case of interruption of the service under Section 1, "KOREAHOTEL" notify to a user by a method defined in Article 8.
③ "KOREAHOTEL" indemnifies losses of a user or the 3rd party as provision of the service is temporarily interrupted due to reason in Section 1. However, when there is no negligence or fault of “KOREAHOTEL,” “KOREAHOTEL” does not indemnify.

Article 6 (Registration)

① A user applies to register by expressing his/her intention to agree this agreement after filling out a registration form decided by “KOREAHOTEL.”
② "KOREAHOTEL" registers a user, who applies to register as a member in accordance with Section 1, as a member unless he/she is applied to the following numbers.
1. When a registration applicant lost his/her member status previously under Section 3 Article 7. However, he/she receives approval for re-registration by “KOREAHOTEL” as a person whose member status was lost in accordance with Section 3 Article 7 at least 3 years before.
2. When there is false information, omission or misentry in registered contents
3. When it is judged that registering him/her as a member is hindered noticeably due to technology of “KOREAHOTEL.”
③ The time of formation of a registration contract is the time that approval by “KOREAHOTEL” reaches a member.
④ When there is a change in registered information in accordance with Section 1 Article 15, a member shall notify a change to “KOREAHOTEL” by email or by other methods without delay.

Article 7 (Unregistration and Loss of the Member Status)

① A member can request to be unregistered to “KOREATIME” at any time and “KOREAHOTEL” handles unregistration immediately.
② When a member is applied to the following each number, “KOREAHOTEL” can limit or suspend the member status.
1. When a member registers false information when applying for registration
2. When a member does not pay a liability, imposed on a member regarding a payment for goods or services purchased using "KOREAHOTEL," on a due date
3. When a member disrupts use of “KOREAHOTEL” by another person or threats order of electronic commerce by using another person’s personal information illegally
4. When a member conducts an act that is prohibited by the law and this agreement or is against public order and good morals using "KOREAHOTEL"
③ After "KOREAHOTEL" limits or suspends a member status, if the same acts is repeated more than 2 times or its reason is not corrected within 30 days, “KOREAHOTEL” can deprive a member status.
④ When "KOREAHOTEL" deprives a member status, registration is cancelled. In this case, a member will be notified and given an opportunity to explain before registration is cancelled.

Article 8 (Notification to a Member)

① When "KOREAHOTEL" give a notification to a member, it can given to an email address submitted to “KOREAHOTEL” by a member
② "KOREAHOTEL" can substitute an individual notification by posting on a board of “KOREAHOTEL” at least a week, for a notification to many and unspecified members.

Article 9 (Purchase Request)

A user of "KOREAHOTEL" requests a purchase by the following procedures.
1. Enter a name and telephone number.
2. Select goods or a service
3. Select a payment method
4. Indicate that he/she agrees to this agreement (e.g. click a mouse)

Article 10 (Formation of a Contract)

① "KOREAHOTEL" approves a purchase request like Article 9 unless it is applicable to the following numbers.
1. When there is false information, omission or misentry in requested contents
2. When a minor purchases goods and services such as a cigarette, alcohol, etc that are prohibited by Juvenile Protection Law
3. When it is judged that approving a purchase request is hindered noticeably due to technology of “KOREAHOTEL”
② It is regarded that a contract is formed when approval by “KOREAHOTEL” is delivered to a user in a form of delivery confirmation notification defined in Section 1 Article 1.

Article 11 (Payment Method)

A payment for goods or services purchased on "KOREAHOTEL" can be made by one of the following methods.
2. Payment by a credit card
3. Payment at the time of receiving

Article 12 (Delivery Confirmation Notification · Change and Cancellation of a Purchase Request)

① "KOREAHOTEL" gives a delivery confirmation notification to a user when a user requests a purchase
② A user who received a delivery confirmation notification can request to change and cancel a purchase request immediately after receiving a delivery confirmation notification if there is inconsistency of expression of will.
③ When there is a request to change or cancel a purchase request by a user before shipment, "KOREAHOTEL" handles it without delay according to the request.

Article 13 (Delivery)

"KOREAHOTEL" specifies a delivery method, a person who will pay delivery fees by method and delivery period by method, regarding goods that a user purchases. If a delivery period is exceeded due to a negligence or fault of “KOREAHOTEL,” “KOREAHOTEL” indemnifies a loss of a user due to a delay of delivery.

Article 14(Refund, Return and Exchange)

① When goods cannot be delivered or services cannot be provided due to a reason such as out-of-stock of goods or services that a user requests to purchase, "KOREAHOTEL" notifies its reason to a user without delay. “KOREAHOTEL” takes procedures to cancel a contract and to refund a payment when a payment for goods or services is made in advance, within 3 days from the date a payment is made and when it is not, within 3 days from the date a reason occurs.
② In the following cases, “KOREAHOTEL” takes measures for refund, return and exchange immediately according to a request by a user within a next business day from the day goods are returned even for delivered goods. However, the deadline of a request is within 20 days after goods are delivered.
1. When delivered goods are different from ordered one or from information provided by “KOREAHOTEL”
2. When delivered goods are broken, damaged or contaminated
3. When goods are delivered later than the delivery period indicated in advertisement
4. When an offer of a user is given under a situation that a matter, which shall be indicated in advertisement in accordance with the Law on Door-to-Door Sales and Other, is not indicated

Article 15 (Privacy Protection)

① "KOREAHOTEL" collects minimum information required to execute a purchase contract when collecting information of a user.
The following information is mandatory and others are optional.
1. Name
2. Telephone Number
3. E-Mail
4. Password
5. Selection of a Country
② When "KOREAHOTEL" collects personal information that personal identification of a user is available, “KOREAHOTEL” must receive agreement from the concerned user.
③ Provided personal information cannot be used for a purpose other than agreed one provided to the 3rd party without agreement from a user and “KOREAHOTEL” takes full responsibility for this. However, the following cases are excepted.
1. When the minimum information (a name, address and telephone number) necessary for delivery is given to a shipping company for delivery
2. When information is give in a form that a particular individual cannot be identified as a case necessary for preparation of statistics, academic study or market research
④ When "KOREAHOTEL" needs to receive agreement from a user under Section 2 and Section 3, “KOREAHOTEL” shall specify or disclose, in advance, matters defined in Section 3 Article 16 of the Law on Promotion of Use of Information and Communications Network such as identity of a person in charge of management of personal information (an affiliation, name, telephone number and other contacts), the purpose of collection of information and the purpose of use of information, matters regarding provision of information to the 3rd party (a recipient, the purpose of provision and contents of information to be provided), etc. A user can withdraw this agreement at any time.
⑤ A user can request to browse or correct an error for his/her personal information that “KOREAHOTEL” retains and “KOREAHOTEL” has an obligation to take necessary measures without delay. When a user requests to correct an error, “KOREAHOTEL” does not use the concerned personal information until the error is corrected.
⑥ "KOREAHOTEL" minimizes a number of managers by limiting it to protect personal information and takes full responsibilities for losses of a user occurred as personal information of a user, including information about a credit card and bank account, is lost, stolen, leaked and falsified.
⑦ "KOREAHOTEL" or the 3rd party that receives personal information from “KOREAHOTEL” destroys the concerned personal information immediately when the purpose of collection of personal information or the purpose of receipt is achieved.

Article 16 (Obligation of “KOREAHOTEL”)

① "KOREAHOTEL" does not conduct an act that is prohibited by the law and this agreement or is against public order and good morals. “KOREAHOTEL” is obligated to do the best to provide constantly and stably provide goods and services in accordance with this agreement.
② "KOREAHOTEL" shall establish the security system to protect personal information (including credit information) of a user so that a user can use the internet service safely.
③ "KOREAHOTEL" has the responsibility to indemnify when a user suffers a loss as “KOERAHOTEL” conducts an act defined in Article 3 Certain Wrongful Indication and Advertisement of 「the Law on Fairness of Indication and Advertisement」, for products or services.
④ "KOREAHOTEL" does not send an advertising email for profit that a user does not want.

Article 17 (Obligation about an ID and Password of Member)

① A member has a responsibility to manage an ID and password except cases defined in Article 15.
② A member cannot allow the 3rd party to use his/her ID and password.
③ When a member loses his/her ID and password or recognizes that the 3rd party is using it, a member shall notify it to “KOREAHOTEL” immediately and follow an instruction of “KOREAHOTEL” if there is one.

Article 18 (Obligation of a User)

A user cannot conduct the following acts.
1. Registration of false information when registering or changing
2. Change of information posted on "KOREAHOTEL"
3. Transmission or posting of information (a computer program, etc) other than information decided by "KOREAHOTEL"
4. Infringement on intellectual property rights such as a copy right of "KOREAHOTEL" or the 3rd party
5. Acts damaging an honor of “KOREAHOTEL” or the 3rd party or disrupting business of "KOREAHOTEL" or the 3rd party
6. Acts of releasing or posting pornography, violent messages, videos and voices and information against public order and good morals

Article 19 (Belonging of a Copyright and Restriction of Use)

① A copyright or other intellectual property rights for writings written by "KOREAHOTEL" is belonging to “KOREAHOTEL.”
② A user cannot use for profit or approve the 3rd party to use information obtained by using “KOREAHOTEL” for profit or by means of copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting and other methods without prior consent from “KOREAHOTEL.”
③ A point provided by "KOREAHOTEL" is usable only on the site of this company and cannot be transferred to another person.
④ A point provided by "KOREAHOTEL" is automatically expired and cannot be changed to money if a user does not use an unused point for more than 2 years from the time that a point is saved.
⑤ A review that a member of "KOREAHOTEL" writes is provided to operated by TripAvisor LLC, an allied company, to provide the quality review service.

Article 20 (Dispute Settlement)

① "KOREAHOTEL" establish and operates the organization handling compensation for the loss to reflect a justifiable opinion or complain brought by a user and to indemnify the loss.
② "KOREAHOTEL" hands complaints and opinions submitted by a user preferentially. However, when it is difficult to handle it promptly, “KOREAHOTEL” notifies its reason and handling schedule to a user immediately.
③ A dispute arisen between "KOREAHOTEL" and a user can follow mediation of the Electronic Commerce Mediation Committee, established in accordance with Article 18 of the Electronic Commerce Basic Law and Article 15 of the same enforcement ordinance.

Article 21 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)

① A lawsuit over an electronic commerce dispute arisen between "KOREAHOTEL" and a user shall be filed in a competent court under the Civil Procedure Code.
② The Korean law is applied to a lawsuit over an electronic commerce brought between "KOREAHOTEL" and a user.
[Supplementary Provision]
Article 1 (Effective Date)
This agreements takes effect from May 01, 2014.
개인정보 수집 및 이용에 대한 안내표
Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information Items to be Collected Period of Possession and Use of Personal Information
Identification of self or personal Identification for the use of membership service. Prevention of illegal use and unapproved use by a user whose credit is rated as inadequate. Record keeping for counseling, complaint handling procedure and settlement of dispute for users.  Notification. E-mail(ID), password, name, phone number, Withdrawal from membership up to 30 days
제 3자 제공동의에 대한 표
Person to Whom Personal Information is provided ("Receiving Person") Items of Personal Information to be Provided Purpose of Use Period of possession and use of personal information
Affiliates accommodation Username, Guest name, E-mail, cell phone number Username, Guest name : personal identification, personal identification e-mail, cell phone number: Reservation progress notice 5 years
Alliance: For better service, personal information of users may be provided to or shared with any partner companies. If the user fails to consent, shall not provide to or share with the partner company.
Name of Service :
※ Instead of using the Web page links to affiliate hotel list.[Affiliate accommodation list]
In the event of any change in or termination of the alliance relationship with the partner company, the same procedure shall apply with respect to providing notice or obtaining consent thereof.