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14 [Member] I lost my password. What should I do?
Go to “Forgot your password or can’t log-in?” under Log-in. There, you can receive a temporary password to your E-Mail you set as an ID when registering.
Please change a password after logging-in with a temporary password.
13 [Member] Do I have to register when making a reservation?
You can make a reservation in even though you do not register.
However, you can enjoy various benefits if you make a reservation after registering to use a discount coupon only for Koreahotel and confirm a reservation conveniently.
12 [Accommodations] What is double/twin in a room type
A room with one big sized bed among hotel rooms is classified as double and a room with 2 single sized beds is classified as twin.
A family twin room is furnished with 1 big sized bed and 1 single sized bed, so it is convenient when a family uses.
11 [Use of Accommodations] What should I bring to a hotel to check-in?
1. An ID card issued by the government might be necessary according to a check-in regulation of a hotel. Some hotels have an age limitations and its standard is different in each hotel and location you visit. If you want to know about the minimum age for check-in, you can check a page for detailed information of a hotel or ask a hotel directly.

2. A voucher is not a thing you must have for check-in, but it is if you have a voucher. Simple information of a booker is necessary to confirm one’s identity and reservation.

3. Most reservations of are paid in advance by a credit card when making a reservation. However, you might need a credit card or check card that you will use for additional expenses such as parking or room service. These additional expenses will be paid when checking-out. Also, a credit card or check card is needed if it is not a reservation paid in advance. If you don’t have a credit card or check card, a hotel might ask a deposit in cash. A deposit is refunded in full if an additional expense does not occur while staying. Some hotels do not accept a check card. If you want to know what kind of card you can use, please ask a concerned hotel directly.
10 [Use of Accommodations] What is the minimum age to check in a hotel?
In most hotels, a main customer shall be at least 18 years old on the day of checking-in.
If a limit on the minimum age is higher (21 years old or 25 years old), it is explained in “amenities” or “things you need to know before you leave” on a page for a description of a concerned hotel.
9 [Reservation] Is a tax included in a room rate?
No. it is not.
A room rate (a rate that is multiplied by a number of days you will stay) is charged and a tax refund and a service fee are charged additionally. A tax refund is an amount that repays a tax that pays to a concerned hotel regarding a reservation of a customer to
The rest is a service fee that is charged by to process a reservation. A tax rate and type of tax is different in each hotel according to a factor such as a location, time of reservation and object of taxation.
Because does not collect taxes, cannot provide an exact statement of calculated tax.
8 [Reservation] What are a tax and a service fee?
In general, when using a hotel, a service fee and a tax are separately imposed on a price written when using a room or restaurant.
A price shown on a home page or event page of Koreahotel is a price that a service fee and tax are not included.
If you click a hotel you want -> designate a day you want to check in and a day you want to check out -> click a product you want, a room rate applicable to a day you want is displayed as a price including a service fee and tax.
7 [Reservation] I cancelled a hotel reservation. When can I receive a refund
A refund is processed within 24 hours and deposited to a card you used when making a reservation. If you want to check a refund status, please ask your bank or credit card company
6 [Reservation] How can I know that a hotel reservation is completed?
For a real-time reservation, a reservation is completed as soon as a payment is made after a reservation is requested.
For a general reservation, around 1 hour is taken to progress after a reservation is requested.
A member of can check a current reservation status on Manage My Reservation.
A non-member can check a current reservations status on Manage My Reservation with a reservation number and a name of a booker.
Also, a reservation confirmation email is sent to an e-mail you entered when requesting a reservation as soon as a reservation you request is completely processed.
5 [Reservation] I need to make a reservation urgently for today’s stay. Can I make a reservation outside business hours?
If you need to reserve a hotel to stay today outside business hours of, you can reserve a room 24/7 if you click a hotel that a real-time reservation is available.
For a real-time reservation for the day, a payment should be made when a reservation is requested.
After a reservation is requested and a payment is made, please print out a reservation confirmation (voucher) and present it to a front desk.
(You can print out a reservation confirmation on My Page or Check a Reservation Status.)
4 [Reservation] How can I cancel a reservation?
Go to Manage My Reservation and click an inquiry number next to a concerned hotel. Then, you can go to a detailed page for a hotel reservation. You can click “cancel a reservation” on the bottom of that page.

You can cancel one reservation at one time. If there is a refund you need to receive, this refund will be deposited to a credit card you used when you made a payment for a reservation.

Please check change and cancellation policies of a concerned hotel before you cancel a reservation. This information is included in your online reservation statement and reservation confirmation email. For a reservation that a concerned hotel’s cancellation deadline is passed, a hotel charges a cancellation fee.
Cancellation of a reservation can be requested only on Manage My Reservation or by phone (+82. 2. 3152 0777). For a loss arisen because you change or cancel a reservation by contacting a concerned hotel in person, our company does not take any responsibilities
3 [Reservation] I already made a payment but a room is not available
A payment for reservation is only a process for a prompt progress. It does not mean that a reservation is completed.
Therefore, if rooms are all taken in the process of reserving, a reservation might not available and in this case, a credit card is refunded without any charge.
The reservation process status of is as follows.

After a reservation is requested, a reservation status is displayed in two statuses.
1. For a request that a payment is made, waiting for a reservation
2. For a request that a payment is not made, waiting for a payment

For a request that is not a real-time reservation that a reservation is completed immediately, a status is displayed as waiting for a reservation even though a payment is made. This means that a reservation is in progress. A reservation might not be available if rooms of a hotel are all taken during this process.
2 [Reservation] Is a room reserved if I just request?
If you request a reservation on, a reservation request confirmation is sent to an e-mail.
When requesting, a request number is generated regardless a payment status and this means a reservation is requested without problem.
A reservation finalization status is decided within an hour after a reservation is requested and if a reservation is finalized for a reservation that a payment is made, a message that a reservation is completed is sent.
If a reservation which a payment is not made yet is finalized, a message requesting a payment is sent. Once a payment is made, this reservation is completed.
1 [Reservation] How can I reserve a hotel?
You can reserve a hotel through a customer center and a website.
You can reserve or consult through a customer center from Monday to Saturday (09:00~18:00), +82. 2. 3152 0777.
On a website, you can reserve an available hotel after searching a hotel by selecting a location to reserve, days you want to stay and grade of a hotel.

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